4 months to go

by Sue Ellen Nario

The last time I updated this blog felt like a lifetime ago. I was still swimming in newly engaged bliss-ness and whizzing through my to-do list when we booked and decided on the big ticket items almost a year in advance.

And now here we are - four months to go. I am nowhere near feeling ready or organised.


I feel like I am more excited about planning the honeymoon (we're going to Morocco!) and the wedding is a means to get there. Haha! Suffice it to say that throughout this whole planning process, I had been feeling the most unbride bride. I was excited, yes! But I was less thrilled to plan the details. Whenever I saw a the price tag of any service or item, I'd feel so turned off that I just didn't want to make a decision on anything. I start to think about the cost and what we really could be using the money for. However, my fiance really, really wants this and has been a dream for him to have everyone near and dear to us be there to celebrate our day. So I have to take a step back, take a breather - this isn't all about me after all! - and just be thankful. We have been so lucky to have such supportive parents who never once tried to pressure us on anything.

Now that it's down to the wire, I am panicking. I don't even have a plan for hair and make-up yet! According to The Knot, I am 40% complete which isn't bad I suppose. 

We'll get there!