by Sue Ellen Nario

So, hi!

It's been around five months since I was here and boy, how five months have become life-changing!

Let's start with the big news, shall we?


Typing it, saying it out loud still gives me the feels. The next question I usually get when people find out is how the proposal happened. As much as I still get kilig telling the story, Patrick's story-telling is even more intense! 

It happened while we were on holidays in Croatia in April. I really wanted a vacation for us since most of our trips recently were almost exclusively for or with families. Nothing wrong with that but I love getting away just the two of us, exploring new places. 

On our fourth day in Dubrovnik (where we planned to be in for six), we were blessed with nothing but a blanket of blue sky. It had been raining ever since we arrived with patches of sunlight allowing us to at least enjoy the city for a bit sans brollies. I still remember feeling ridiculously happy while having brunch outside a cafe drinking my daytime rose. 

After this meal, we really didn't have anything planned so we thought we'd get on the ferry going to one of the nearby islands. We had a bit of time to kill so we went back to our apartment so I can change shoes (despite the sunny-ness in this photo, it was actually quite a bit chilly). As we were heading out, Patrick wanted to check out Buza Bar which was meant to be a few doors down from our place. Buza Bar is a bar that is literally on the cliffs right outside the walls of the old city. You enter through a literal hole in the wall and park yourself in one of the tables looking out into the ocean. 

We head to the bottom of the cliffs and Patrick suggested to take my photo by this specific rock he was pointing to. 

"No. I want it here." 

*sigh* "Ok" click

"Now will you take the photo that I want?," he asks. I say yes because I thought, whatever, sure. We got the shot already. I'll indulge.

I sit on the rock and started to face out. He stops me and pulls my leg back to face him. What? He doesn't want the shot of me pretending to be contemplative looking out to the sea? I was confused for half a second until I see him fumbling with a little box that he had taken out of his hoodie's pocket. The first words out of my mouth were, "what are you doing?! what are you doing?!?!" I was so shocked that I immediately start crying as he started his speech! Full disclosure: I barely heard anything! Everything was muffled by the sound of my own (happy) sobs that it took me a while to even say yes! Suffice to say that I had zero clue this was going go down!

The best part about this whole thing was the fact right above where we were, two women were hanging out taking photos of each other and they caught everything on video (hence the existence of this precious snap)! They came over to congratulate us after the crying subsided and the kissing and hugging started. They offered to send us the photos and the video and we are so extremely thankful that they were there.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the scenery of Dubrovnik from sea level and above!

This trip is definitely one for the books and I can't wait to marry this man next year!