Happy 2016!

by Sue Ellen Nario

I know, I know...I've been super slack in the last few months but hoping to make a better comeback with this blogging life in 2016.

We spent the holidays in Australia with my family and friends. After 2 years, it was great to be back, catch up with everyone, enjoy all the awesome brunch places in Sydney and Melbs and the best part -- GREAT COFFEE EVERYWHERE!

I took my first sip of a beautifully made flat white whilst having brunch at Bills the day after we got there and I almost teared up! 

On this trip, I've decided to create short video montages of interesting activities we've been doing. I had a ball with editing and even Patrick was getting into it. 

Here's the clip for our NYE trio with Denisse! Enjoy! 

music: Wrapped Up by Olly Murs