Greenery pt. 2

by Sue Ellen Nario

And here are the plants that live in my calligraphy room. 

The air plants!

Lavender plant. The middle part of the plant is a bit dry but it's still thriving!

Angel Vine. When I first brought this home, it was much more lush and I forgot to water it once and immediately the leaves dried up! I was so sad! But it's bouncing back well. This plant had to move upstairs after we discovered Sherlock trying to eat it. Even though I have so many plants at home, Sherlock doesn't really care for any of them except for this one.


Isn't this so interesting? This plant is a Medinilla scortechinii and should be cared for as you would an orchid. When I first saw it, I thought the orange colour was spray painted on. Its branches remind of nerve endings. I love this pop of colour in my room and works really well in between the lawn chairs.