Archie and the Gang!

by Sue Ellen Nario

As a typical kid who grew up in the 80's/90's era, much like Trapper Keepers or slap bracelets, reading Archie comics was a big part of it.

My cousins, friends and I would trade the double digest versions and I spent so much time reading about Archie and his friends at Riverdale High. One of my biggest life problems then was figuring out whose side I was on: Betty Cooper's or Veronica Lodge's? I genuinely liked them both! 

So of course when I heard that they were releasing a revamped, newly illustrated Archie, I created a mental note to drop by the comic book store by our place when it comes out. And tonight I did just that!

I didn't realise that this new #1 edition had multiple covers by different artists and since they ran out of the Fiona Staples one, I ended up with this version:

They made the gang a bit more hipster and pretty good looking. Even Jughead -- who I think looks super adorkable!

I like that he is still wearing that ridiculous hat and that he is still being bribed with desserts.

Betty is still our favourite next door gal...the woman you love to hate but can't. 

And yes, ladies, that smooth operator right there is none other than Reggie Mantle. 

Betty, Archie, Jughead and Reggie are the only main characters introduced in this first issue. I hope you don't mind spoilers but this first issue starts its story with Archie and Betty's breakup. The whole school is talking about it and everyone else is more upset about the breakup than the two people in the relationship. What was not revealed, though, is the reason why. Something about a lipstick. 

In one part, one of Archie's friends casually drop in the conversation that the Lodge millionaires are moving in.

I can't wait to see what Veronica looks like! 

Also, I wonder if there's anyone with a man-bun?