We Moved!

by Sue Ellen Nario

Another overdue post but it has been exactly a month ago since we moved!

After 1.5 years of living in Wicker Park, putting up with our less-than ideal downstairs neighbours, we, yet again, packed our bags and moved to Logan Square. 

Here's the view on our first night in.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.09.53 PM.png

Patrick really wanted to move to this neighbourhood and we got lucky finding a place that fit our criteria. We hoped to pay less, get a bigger place, close to the El and pet-friendly. After viewing about 6-7 apartments, we ended up with a space much bigger than what we were really looking for and slightly less than our price range, super close to the station (about 30 seconds away) and we can get a pet (more on this later)!

The move went pretty smooth even though it was quite stressful having to pack everything again. #sosickofmoving But we were all unboxed and moved in within 24 hours thanks to Patrick's dad's help. 

A month in, we are really, really loving this place! We're trying lots of restaurants around us, the farmers market is awesome and there is a wonderful flower shop I discovered nearby. Score! 

Our place is starting to look like home. Here's a peek at our living room situation.

Rug from  Cozy Rugs  | Fiddle lead fig tree from  Gethsemane Garden Center

Rug from Cozy Rugs | Fiddle lead fig tree from Gethsemane Garden Center

I love this blue rug! It's so soft, plush, beautiful colour and we got this for a really good price, too! And notice that gorgeous big plant by our window, the fiddle leaf fig tree I'd been wanting to have since forever. 

Patrick has his game room set up downstairs and I also have my own space for calligraphy and art set up in the guest bedroom upstairs.

Table  and cart from World Market.

Table and cart from World Market.

Couple of weekends ago, we hosted a housewarming party and invited a bunch of mostly workmates and Patrick's client colleagues. It was the perfect day for a gathering: the weather was warm and sunny and it was the first time we used our patio. It's great! I can't wait till we are out there more and more this summer.

We're hoping to be here for quite some time before the next more permanent move.